samsung galaxy s23 extremely: see this extremely good smartphone concept

o samsung galaxy s23 may be one of the first-class android smartphones to be brought via the south korean massive at the start of 2023. like the modern-day galaxy s22 variety, we will have as a minimum three models, which include the ultra may be the most fascinating.

therefore, based totally on the first data leaks, rumors and forecasts from marketplace analysts, the first standards are beginning to arrive at the net (concepts) of the mobile cellphone in question. the high-quality of everything? we’ve got a brand new idea video in which we will see a stunning samsung galaxy s23 ultra with 2 hundred mp primary digital camera.

that is the new video that portrays the possible samsung galaxy s23 ultra
due to the creativity of those chargeable for the technizo concept youtube channel, we now see the white colour scheme for the samsung galaxy s23 ultra phone. it have to be referred to that this layout is only conceptual, this is, now not binding.

given the above, we see that the bottom of this samsung galaxy s23 extremely does no longer differ a whole lot from the contemporary galaxy s22 ultra. in fact, we see flat pinnacle and bottom edges and curved sides that do not forget the standard layout of the overdue galaxy be aware line.

angular design remembers the strains of the late galaxy be aware again
representative digital picture of the feasible samsung galaxy s23 extremely. credit: technizo concept.

the cell device may be seen in this video in white, contrasting with the (tiny) edges of the screen, in black. be aware that the display screen have to be barely curved on the perimeters, extending to expose the curve beyond the same old lateral limit.

then again, on the top we are able to retain to have the the front digicam perforating the amoled panel, even as the pen / stylus it’ll also have its hollow for storage and delivery. that is, quite much like the modern galaxy s22 extremely.

the samsung galaxy s23 extremely need to debut the 2 hundred mp isocell hp3 sensor

consultant digital image of the possible samsung galaxy s23 extremely. credit: technizo idea.

the highlight, at the again, is the 2 hundred mp important digital camera way to the new samsung isocell hp3 sensor, a currently introduced factor. reputedly, the ultra model could be the primary cell phone to debut this factor.

we even have a huge range of auxiliary sensors for optical photograph magnification, as well as an ultra extensive-perspective lens for extra creative alternatives. further, the smartphone need to file video in local 8k decision with higher satisfactory.

in the end, the whole lot that has been stated to date does no longer come from an professional supply. that is, samsung itself did now not disclose this facts and/or fabric that illustrates the article. therefore, we advocate some prudence in interpreting these opportunities.

in truth, the design proven here is a mere opportunity, with numerous others additionally circulating on the internet. by the manner, we share the tweet with another possible design for the next generation of android phones from samsung.

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