“A captivating and seamless blend
of sensual vulnerability and raw
edginess, JACELYN’s mesmerizing,
smoky voice, and sweet charm,
draws in her audience and
touches their hearts.”



JACELYN is a Canadian singer-songwriter, actor and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. She is best known for her sultry jazz vocals and music that is a melange of the classic and elemental sounds of jazz, blue-eyed soul, and pop, which offers a dynamic and refreshing contemporary twist.

She got her start with music from a young age as a self-taught guitarist and also developed her skills on the ukulele while also completing voice instruction. She learned she had a natural knack for music such as having perfect pitch and her passion for music grew from there.

Simultaneously, she also began a career in the entertainment industry as a child actor appearing in roles alongside Adam Sandler. While acting still remains to be a huge passion, she put it aside for some time to professionally develop her music. Being both a gifted vocalist and singer-songwriter, she began co-writing country music songs in Toronto and New York City for various artists and spent three years touring and performing her own music. She shared bills with country stars like Keith Urban, Blue Rodeo and Johnny Reid to name a few.

Her first successful break as a songwriter was with “Born to Love You” by Donavon Lee Carpenter, a song she co-wrote. It became #1 on country music radio charts in Europe.

Due to its success, she began to write custom love songs for couples getting married under the launch of her new company Our Song, which has been featured in magazines like Bridal Guide and Canadian Gay Weddings.

While JACELYN still wrote country songs through Our Song and for other artists, she started to zero in on her own personal sound as an artist. Blending her love of jazz, blues, pop and soul, she mixed in theatrical elements from her background in acting to create her own adult contemporary sound that charms crowds.

With her album Dovetailing, all the music was recorded in live takes giving it a specific quality that translates to her live performances.

To fund Dovetailing, JACELYN created a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs. It reached its goal of $30, 000 in just 16 hours and became #1 in the world out of close to 60, 000 music campaigns. It was also in the Top 5 successful Jazz campaigns ever to exist on the crowdfunding site — alongside Quincy Jones, Quest Love, and Paula Cole.

Raising almost 200% of her asking amount, JACELYN was able to fund her album start to finish and brought in internationally recognized and critically acclaimed pianist / composer Amina Figarova to co-produce her album as well as two-time Grammy-award winning audio engineer Max Ross from Systems Two in New York City.

While the album was set to be released in early 2020, JACELYN had to pivot after the cancellation of a series of performances to support the launch of Dovetailing due to COVID-19.

She decided to create an online album release and put together a captivating visual experience of Dovetailing in collaboration with over ten different Canadian artists. Each artist has created unique pieces of art in different mediums inspired by the songs on her album.

Throughout the creation of Dovetailing she also released the radio single “Waiting For Christmas” which received national radio play across Canada and her Spotify single, “Spike My Drink”, reached almost 60 000 streams.

The singer also announced that she will be partnering again with the Scarborough Symphony as they embark on creating a Christmas album and concert series — which for now, has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Dovetailing comes out October 16th, 2020 on all platforms.

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