stock trading and traveling the world: how a kolkata woman is residing her dream

rajarshita sur cease her job as a technical analyst in a non-public bank and chose to turn out to be an impartial stock dealer in 2014.
to date, her passport has been thru the uk, turkey, southeast asia, and nearly 70% of europe.

a excessive-paying banker’s task is a dream of many who aspire to make it large in india’s financial capital, mumbai. so, when kolkata’s rajarshita sur landed a process at a personal bank’s treasury branch in mumbai, no surprise she felt like a large win. however a few years down the road, she couldn’t resist her goals anymore. the dream of seeing the sector, touring to unseen places had the better of her, and rancid went the resignation letter as rajarshita packed her luggage to move down the road of inventory trading – and journeying.

“the task become proper however i desired greater manage over my paintings hours in order that i’m able to travel and be anywhere i want without having to fear about a source of income,” says rajarshita as she exams out of her week-lengthy stay in nepal.

being concerned in foreign exchange (fx) buying and selling in the course of her tenure as a banker, she became nicely aware of the ropes of stock markets. however, becoming a complete-time inventory dealer was no longer smooth.

“i took the hazard as i was confident approximately my understanding of stock markets. i learnt the technicality on the process and my college schooling also helped me within the route. additionally, being a technical analyst in a bank, i had the opportunity to refine my talent set,” says rajarshita.

she is also grateful to her dad and mom “for no longer being overdramatic” on her selection to end a ordinary task. after resigning from the banking task, rajarshita joined a company firm for 3 years as a proprietary fairness trader and simultaneously began buying and selling independently in the stock marketplace.

now, eight years into her profession as an independent dealer, rajarshita has grown into a ‘guru’ of investing wisely whilst keeping a lid on her greed. “if a person receives the flavor of money, they sense like having a bet extra. and, in that zone, humans lose everything”, says rajarshita while comparing buying and selling with a on line casino.

however, regardless of her successes, she admits that inventory buying and selling isn’t a hunky-dory profession as it takes lots of intellectual energy. she recognizes that her biggest ever loss in the inventory marketplace occurred while she tried her hands in futures and choice (f&o) trading. “it is easier to make earnings at some stage in a bull marketplace, however my largest loss occurred whilst i forayed into f&o trading in 2016. in a single single change, i used to be wiped off. i misplaced around ₹2 lakh. it humbled me.” she says.

calling futures and alternatives a lethal aggregate, rajarshita says she misplaced 70-80% of earnings in only a alternate or . “if someone wants to begin buying and selling in futures, they ought to work on their ability sets and presence of thoughts because 1-2% circulate can wipe off ₹50,000 in seconds,” she adds.

according to rajarshita, alternate traded funds, popularly known as etfs are the most secure bets if one desires to be part of the stock marketplace while not having in-intensity expertise approximately it.

if the market falls with the aid of 500-700 factors, rajarshita says she reallocates an awesome bite of cash into etfs. she says that her 10-20% of the trading profits is spent on travelling and the closing amount receives invested in etfs, gold bees, sovereign gold bonds (sgbs), blue-chip corporations, and mid-cap stocks, portfolio management provider (pms) or small cases. besides, she also reinvests a number of her income in buying and selling. “trading is like an ipl fit even as funding is sort of a test cricket in shape. you get to accumulate wealth only by using waiting,” rajarshita says whilst bringing up that she prefers blue chip companies for the long-term funding, which represent 60% of her portfolio.

rajarshita stated she units her month-to-month goal gain to 3%-4%, and as quickly as she hits her target, she closes her buying and selling terminal and jets off to a ‘well-deserved’ holiday. “i live my existence like there may be no the following day,” says the prolific solo visitor. her passport has been thru the united kingdom, turkey, southeast asia, and nearly 70% of europe.

after every week-long excursion in nepal, rajarshita now plans to reach the shores of kenya and iceland. “i am passionate about journeying and satisfied that i’ve chosen such a profession which has helped me in figuring out my dream,” she says. rajarshita maintains at least ₹10 lakh aside for her vacations each 12 months. “there are motives why i journey. one is to rejuvenate me from the market drawdown and every other to celebrate that i have made it,” she quips.

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