the fbi’s most up-to-date podcast subject? the crypto queen at the run

each person has a podcast in recent times, however the u.s. federal bureau of research turned into an early adopter of the medium. its popular month-to-month “in the fbi” podcast turned into launched in 2008 and is nowadays ranked no. 11 amongst u.s. government podcasts on apple, according to podcast analytics web page chartable.

this month’s edition is dedicated to “crypto queen” ruja ignatova, who’s been on the lam because fleecing buyers in the onecoin scam in 2017. she made the fbi’s notorious ten most wanted listing months in the past, but regardless of a $100,000 praise she stays at big.
the podcast recapped the case, but failed to offer any new facts.

onecoin, which released in 2014, claimed to be a mineable cryptocurrency with a maximum deliver of 120 billion cash. the scheme lured buyers with the promise of being a “bitcoin killer.” however not like btc, onecoin’s blockchain did not exist.

“onecoin is straightforward to apply. onecoin is for anybody. make payments everywhere, each person, globally. and that is who we’re. international citizens of a small world, looking to make a alternate,” ignatova said in a 2016 speech, a year before taking place the run after allegedly defrauding traders of billions.

“she’s presently 42 years antique and has brown eyes and dark brown to black hair,” said monica grover, host of the “in the fbi” podcast, which might slim it down rather. but, investigators agree with she may want to have changed her bodily look.
ignatova “wasn’t that visible in 2018/2019, and plastic surgeons are very discreet with rich clients,” jamie bartlett, investigative journalist and host of the 2019 bbc podcast “the lacking cryptoqueen,” advised decrypt. “[the authorities] stay predictably quite tight-lipped about ongoing and stay investigations.”

certainly, grover stated in the fbi podcast that ignatova may additionally have no longer best changed her bodily look however is able to talk multiple languages, which include english, german, and bulgarian—making locating her all the extra hard.

bartlett, however, believes the feds have been running down a few practicable leads: “i do assume we [hosts of “the missing cryptoqueen”] had been getting closer,” he stated. that might, of route, provide an splendid finale to bartlett’s podcast. certainly, he stated extra episodes are in development and coming soon.

as for the authorities? perhaps the bureau have to provide that $a hundred,000 praise in bitcoin as a substitute.

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