south korea reportedly freezes do kwon’s crypto really worth $40m — luna founder says the price range aren’t his

south korean authorities have reportedly frozen $40 million in crypto belongings, along with bitcoin, allegedly belonging to luna founder do kwon. however, kwon denied that any price range of his were frozen. “i don’t even use kucoin and okex, haven’t any time to trade, no finances have been frozen,” he insisted.

prosecutors say they’ve frozen do kwon’s crypto, together with bitcoin
south korean prosecutors have reportedly frozen nearly $forty million in crypto property allegedly belonging to terraform labs co-founder kwon do-hyeong (also known as do kwon). citing korean news1, journalist colin wu tweeted wednesday:

south korean prosecutors have frozen $39.66 million of crypto assets, along with btc, owned through do kwon through exchanges. do kwon and lfg formerly denied seeking to transfer their three,313 btc after being issued an arrest warrant.

the coins had been frozen at cryptocurrency exchanges kucoin and okx, the publication stated, including that the 2 trading systems have agreed to freeze kwon’s crypto on the request of the prosecution.

south korean prosecutors discovered remaining month that they had been seeking to freeze three,313 bitcoins tied to kwon that had been transferred to kucoin and okx from a pockets allegedly connected to luna basis protect . however, the corporation denied the allegation, insisting that it “hasn’t created any new wallets or moved btc or other tokens held by means of lfg due to the fact can also 2022.”

following the news of the prosecutors freezing $39.66 million in crypto belonging to him, kwon took to twitter to deny that the frozen finances are his. “i don’t get the motivation behind spreading this falsehood – muscle flexing? but to what quit?” the luna founder tweeted tuesday, including:

all over again, i don’t even use kucoin and okex, don’t have any time to exchange, no finances have been frozen. i don’t recognise whose price range they’ve frozen, however top for them, desire they use it for right.

a south korean courtroom issued an arrest warrant for kwon on sept. 14. he is accused of fraud after the fall apart of the cryptocurrency luna (now known as luna traditional and stable coin terrausd . moreover, interpol has issued a purple be aware for him. “a crimson word is a request to law enforcement international to find and provisionally arrest someone pending extradition, give up, or similar prison movement,” interpol’s website details, adding that “crimson notices are issued for fugitives wanted both for prosecution or to serve a sentence.”

the luna founder’s whereabouts are presently unknown. he become believed to be in singapore but the singapore police force lately said that he’s presently not within the metropolis-country. kwon has maintained that he isn’t always “on the run,” tweeting lately that he’s “making zero attempt to cover.”

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