yearning a pint? this $15 gadget turns cans into cups with a twist.

if you’re craving a freshly poured pint(opens in a brand new tab), a can of beer possibly isn’t going to reduce it. you may not have the ability you purchased a tumbler every time you need a foamy head for your ale, however you could flip a can right into a cup with one exciting device. the brand new draft top® smooth can opener helps you to competently cut the top off most 8 to sixteen-ounce aluminum cans, remodeling them into changed cups with no sharp edges. commonly, the brand new draft top® smooth can opener is $29, however for a confined time it’s going for simplest $14.ninety nine.

more than 60% of beer inside the united states of america is bought in cans. if you prefer a tumbler and aren’t at a bar, you’re commonly out of good fortune. whether you just decide upon an open top or want to feature some thing fun on your drink, being able to take the top off a can is a sport-changer. the brand new draft pinnacle® uses 4 rotational blades to split and fold a can’s lid as you turn it. what you’re left with is a smooth ring and a seamlessly sliced can top. all that’s left is to put your ft up and revel in.

this may opener doesn’t just imply it’s less complicated to drink your beer. now, you can clutch a can of tomato juice, open it, and have a bloody mary without any new dirty dishes or wasted plastic cups. if you like to enjoy the aromatics of your beverages, you don’t should have your nose pressed against a hollow in a can. in case you’re creating a cocktail and the usage of a canned soda, the open rim can provide you with a clean pour, or at least it will can help you get the closing drop.

this contemporary version of the brand new draft top® added a pressure-regulated take care of, an embedded magnet, a lanyard hollow, and 50% more potent creation. if you’ve used one before, this modern model promises an simpler removal, and when you’re accomplished you can smack it for your refrigerator until next time.

turn your canned beer into a pint with a twist. typically going for $29, the new draft top® clean can opener(opens in a brand new tab) is on sale for a confined time for simplest $14.99.

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